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Fleece Tug Toys Square Braided Fetch Dog Play Tug Toy

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Braided Fleece Tug toys for dogs and cats

Polar fleece is 100% gentle on teeth and gums.  Fleece can stretch when playing, pretty strong so won't break when you play tug of war with your pet.  Plus it can be washed easily by just throwing in the washing machine.  We suggest soaking it overnight in a sink or bowl filled with water and a scoop of Oxiclean then launder as normal for a fresh refresh.  

Another little trick, you can get a boullion cube and mix in some water - soak the toy in it overnight - take it out the next day and let it dry - it will retain a slight touch of the chicken or beef flavor which some dogs just enjoy

Get a short one to play fetch - throw it so the dog can bring it back to you or get a longer one for fetch and more intense tug of war and play - see other listings for toy with Fleece handle for extra grip and to give us humans a little more advantage in the game : )

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